IMG 0730Tackling disinformation, new media management models, digital transformation of the media landscape – these are just some of themes of the international congress of the EMMA - European Media Management Association which took place this year at Cyprus University of Technology (#emmacyprus). About 300 participants from Europe, USA, Japan, Egypt, Iran and Qatar took part in the event. Representatives of the Wydział Dziennikarstwa, Informacji i Bibliologii UW also participated in it – among them were two members of the Laboratorium Badań Medioznawczych UW team – Marlena Sztyber and Dagmara Sidyk.

Their speech entitled "Product placement redefined. How Has the Usage of Embedded Marketing Influenced Media Regulation?” aimed at presenting activities carried out both by media regulators and broadcasters in the field of product placement. As part of the project, they carried out the analysis of legal acts and also provided empirical studies: in-depth content analysis of two purposely selected television broadcasters (private and public one), as well as in-depth interviews with representatives of the Polish media regulatory authority. The next stage of their project, carried out as part of the activities of the Scientific Society of Media Studies (Koło Naukowe Analiz Medioznawcznych), will be conducting interviews with representatives of selected broadcasters, and its culmination will be the publication of an article in one of the scientific journals.

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