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Greenhouse effect is the result of human activity? Or would global warming be irrespective of the anthropological factors? Climate change issues were the subject of debate on 7 June 2017 at the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies at the University of Warsaw. 


The last academic semester of media sociology - exercises conducted by the staff the Laboratory of Media Studies of the University of Warsaw took place in the form an Oxford debate. The discussion concerned the thesis: "Human is responsible for the greenhouse effect". Opposite to each other were two teams - proposals and opposition. One team claimed that these anthropological factors affect climate change and that human is responsible for the greenhouse effect. The opposition, on the other hand, was disagree. As the debate showed - their line of argument was based on the claim that climate change is above all without human participation. 


Each team consisted of four people. The captain speaks first. Their role was to present themselves, the members of the team, and to define and explain how the teams will be understood during the debate. "Second person" were responsible for citing arguments supporting the thesis - these team members used primarily sources and examples. The next, third in order, the people tried to conquer the arguments of the opposing team. Last, the fourth speaker summed up the arguments of his team. Each speaker - according to the principles of the Oxford debate - had four minutes after which the opposing team had the right to ask two questions.


The marshal – PhD. Tomasz Gackowski, who was also the chairman of the expert committee, was watching over the exchange of ideas. The composition of experts was supplemented by PhD. Karolina Brylska and MA Mateusz Patera. The points given to them covered four areas of particular expression: substance value, teamwork, body language, and rhetoric.


Let us recall that the type of debate held was from the University of Oxford, and the first, historical argument of this kind of argument was about the theory of evolution - it took place in 1860.


Wondering who won? The answer is not clear. According to experts won the opposition team - opponents claim that human is responsible for the greenhouse effect. Another choice was made by the public, according to which a group of proposals won the debate.

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