We invite you to get familiar with the summary of the study of the Laboratory of Media Studies of the University of Warsaw, which dealt with the Polynomial of the Poles about the conflict in Ukraine. The message pt. "What Poles think of the conflict in Ukraine?" Is the first result of the survey. The next, already announced effect, will be a broad report - supplemented by About the demographic context. Its publication is planned for September this year.


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/ Part of the summary /


"Only a little over 9% of Poles think that Ukraine is the only one responsible for the conflict, while 66% of respondents say that Russia is responsible (58.47%) and co-responsible (7.53%). 6 per 100 respondents consider that both states - Russia and Ukraine - are responsible for the conflict. In the category "Other" there are answers such as "Millionaires", "Macierewicz", "Masonic Lodge", "Economy"."