Zrzut ekranu 2016 10 12 o 12.44.26

We invite you to read an article by PhD. Karolina Brylska, PhD. Tomasz Gackowski, MA Mateusz Patery - employees of the Laboratory of Media Studies of the University of Warsaw, which appeared in the monograph "The magnitude or authority of John Paul II in media coverage during his canonization" edited by Prof. Jerzy Olędzki and Prof. Teresa Sasińska-Klas.


In summary of the publication, the authors write: "The most important key conclusion resulting from the conducted research is the statement of a limited number of semantic and semantic collections of memes connected with John Paul II in the polish-language internet. Memes makers rarely deal with the character of the pope, and when they do, they usually construct simple, graphical and linguistic messages, often vulgar. Such a conclusion may be surprising, especially if we consider the place of John Paul II in the contemporary social world, the life and history of the Catholic Church, the history of modern Europe and the world. The length of his pontificate, the multiplicity of activities he undertook, and the relationships with youth manifested in the media space would have led to the belief that John Paul II was an iconic figure in the world of mass media, including the Internet."

 You can read the entire article below or on the portal academia.edu.


Społecznie konstruowany wizerunek Jana Pawła II – znaczenia zawarte w memach internetowych by MateuszPatera on Scribd