sprzęt fotoThe Media Analysis Center and the Laboratory of Media Studies is implementing a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which improves faculty equipment with advanced human biometric machinery

Currently purchased research equipment allows, among others: For eyetracking data recording through the eyetracker (high frequency): SMI RED500 System (500 Hz) and Tobii Pro Glasses 2 (100 Hz). We have also a Shimmer3 GSR + UnitGSR + (Galvanic Skin Response) measurement tool to measure the emotions and commitment of the respondent depending on the presented stimulus. Alternative emotion measurement is possible through facetracking with specialized software Affectiva. Biometric data is supplemented by the Shimmer3 ECG and EMG Unit, which performs electromyographic and electrocardiogram measurements.

These measurement tools are supported by iMotions. Importantly, this software allows to synchronize all measurement data automatically on one timeline.

The Grant also conducts a Media Research Center, which will work closely with the LBM UW, focusing primarily on the biometric analysis of respondents immersed in virtual and extended reality. All tools will be tested during the 8th Methodological Conference of Media Researcher and its accompanying methodological workshops ("Communicating in the World of Applications", 16-17.11.2017). We accept applications for the conference until September 30th. We invite you to register under the link http://konferencjemedioznawcze.pl/registration